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Invest in Assets




The investment in renewables assets can be an important choice for who wants to add value to his portfolio both for the present and also for the future generations.

To do this step in a safe manner it is important to find a trust partner with long successful track able to properly address the choice among the many ones available on the market, not all of them valid.


Once more thanks to our background and to our wide relationships we can propose assets with great value, able to satisfy several kinds of investors.

We can bring the investor from the beginning with the definition of the idea of investment up to the evaluation of several proposed assets in terms of quality of realization, excellence of components and significant residual value.

If appointed, we will be the best partner for the investor, providing him with all our knowledge of the technologies, of the market, of the players.He will be our only client.

We, together our legal and financial advisors, can make a technic/financial due diligence on the asset.


We can also provide financing through out our relationships with funds and institutions.

Every proposal will be taylored exactly to the profile of the investor.