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Thanks to the experience of her team, gained in different fields of engineering and constructions, the profound knowledge on technical and regulatory issues, the key relationships with other important players developed long more then an exiting decade full of important achievements, E4E is able to play for her clients a role of general contractor, a competent operational arm of the investors, essential to reach the targets in terms of quality, time, costs. In this way it is enough for the investor to establish and share the input goals with E4E.


From that time E4E will take over the job and will implement a masterplan together with the detailed and optimized engineering.

A selected list of manufacturers of the main plant components will be presented to the investor, in order to allow him to buy directly the goods without any intermediation.

A skilled workers team will be selected, country by country, to carry out the site activities quickly and precisely, following strictly the engineering prescriptions.


E4E will follow, together with her legal advisors, the contractual stage with suppliers and sub-contractors, in order that every player shall take his own responsibility and give the proper warranties to assure the achievement of the goals in terms of cost, timing and quality.

In the mean time, positive relationships with the local authorities will be put in place in order to reach the strict compliance with rules and laws and to solve in advance any issue can bring delay on the timing of the job.