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The international agreements undersigned during these last years in order to concert a common strategy to reduce dangerous emissions, greenhouse effect and consequently increasing of earth temperature, have brought in each country the development of actions to make more favorable the adoption of renewables.

After the firsthand experience lived in Italy, UK and Rumania, we can see today Turkey as the most promising market to build solar and wind parks.

As a main difference in comparison with the other markets, the turkish law has been issued to bring advantages to local project owners and basically to who uses renewable energy to support his own industrial, or more generically his own business.

E4E is in the position to help investors and entrepreneurs who want to invest in renewables in Turkey, thanks to a reliable local network of professionals and law advisors, able to find out the best way to proceed, always in strict compliance of the turkish law and regulations.

The high level of flexibility and professionalism of our company allow E4E to play, in different scenarios, as General Contractor, EPC or simple advisors, always focusing on the target.


A dedicated chapter is the capability to find and propose financing solutions always able to fit the exigences of the client.